It's time for equity. A movement to improve recruitment processes in the UK migration and asylum sector

We challenge the one-size-fits-all approach in our employment practices and respect the personal circumstances and needs of people with lived experience. We believe that every individual should have the right support when applying for roles in our sector. Read below how organisations can join and support.

Are you an organisation in the UK refugee and migrant charitable sector? Read more about our values and join our network


See below five values we are asking member organisations to uphold. Scroll down to sign up your organisation to become a member!


We are committed to working towards improving the representation of people with lived experience of the asylum/migration at all levels of organisation and across different roles and departments, including management and leadership roles where there is real decision-making power.


We work towards achieving coproduction and meaningful involvement of people with lived experience of the migration and asylum system. We recognise the genuine value brought by the people with lived experience in the workforce. We believe that choice is essential in disclosing lived experience and we support appropriate disclosure and consent, alongside embedding trauma-informed practices to reduce harm.


We aim to provide and bring together diverse insights, including those with lived experience in immigration and asylum sector, in our recruitment practices. We are committed to combat stigma and institutional racism, and promote an inclusive culture in our organisation.


We challenge one-size-fits-all approach in our employment practices, and respect personal circumstances and needs of Experts by Experience when advertising our roles. We believe that every individual should have the right support when applying for our roles.


We aim to make sure we are clear and accessible in our communication, and offer opportunities to give further information and support in our recruitment practices.

Do you agree to uphold these values? Sign the declaration form below to join the network!

- You will receive good practice tips in making your recruitment process equitable and inclusive. - Depending on the availability of our volunteer mentors, we will offer independent and confidential practical support to your applicants who are experts by experience. - We will encourage you to ask your staff to become volunteer mentors to support the network and EbEs in their applications for other organisations.

Thank you for applying to become a member organisation! We will be in touch to confirm your membership.

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