Experts by Experience (EbE) Employment Initiative

Experts by Experience (refugees and migrants) should be the leaders of our charitable sector. We are on a mission for equity and lived experience leadership in the UK migration and refugee sector through equitable employment.

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See below how you can get involved in the initiative.

Are you a refugee looking for job application support?

We provide independent support to experts by experience of the UK immigration system (refugees and migrants) for their job applications to the migrant and refugee support charities that are members of our network.


Are you an organisation looking to hire refugees?

We provide guidance for member organisations to create more inclusive and equitable recruitment processes, and directly support EbE applicants (refugees and migrants) in their applications to member organisations.


Become a volunteer mentor

We encourage staff working in member organisations and other individuals working in the UK migrant and refugee charities to become a volunteer and offer their personal capacity to review job applications of EbEs (refugees and migrants).


Hear from the experts by experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the definition of experts by experience? How do I know if I am one?

We define experts by experience as people with direct, first-hand experience of issues and challenges of the UK asylum or immigration system. Experts by experience are interested in activating their lived experience of the issues to help address the unique needs, challenges, and injustices many refugees, people seeking asylum and migrants face in the hostile environment of the immigration system. This does not mean that experts by experience should always share their experience, it is up to them if they want to do that, and when and how to do that. We believe experts by experience have unique insights into how to improve the UK asylum and migration system and our mission is to support them to become leaders of our sector.

Who are the member organisations?

Member organisations are charities , social enterprises and non-profits in the refugee and migration sector that have committed to support leadership pathways for experts by experience. They strongly encourage and support refugees and migrants who have lived experience of the hostile environment to apply for their roles. They signed up to our values of commitment, coproduction, inclusion, equity, accessibility.

Which job roles do you support?

We primarily support roles from our member organisations that are designed to encourage and support lived experience leadership. We support by advertising them among experts by experience groups, and also by providing practical application support to experts by experience who are applying for those roles.

What is the support can I get as an experts by experience?

Our volunteer mentors can provide written application support (CV and Cover letter advice), interview preparation (mock interviews or helping with preparing presentations or tasks), and onboarding support if you are appointed for a role. We are considering to provide support in general career advise soon.

Who are volunteer mentors?

Our volunteer mentors are staff members and volunteers working in refugee and migrant charities, so they have experience in applying for job roles or reviewing job applications as hiring managers. They kindly provide confidential and independent advice using their own personal capacity.

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